One of the favourite events for the 2CV community is the méchoui barbeque hosted by Michel and Danielle Larouche.  The event is held every second year, and so 2014 was our chance to participate again.

Members of the Ottawa Citroën Club arrived in the early afternoon, from various directions, individually and in small convoys.  The list of participants included: Jim McC, Ian and Margaret C, Bruce G, André et Denise, Christian and Fabienne and family (who arrived in a very unusual 4-wheel drive Citroën, closely resembling a Jeep) and Bob and Claudine McL.  Arriving in Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac, we found a vibrant colourful assortment of 2CVs, derivatives (Dyane, Ami, Camionette, Méhari), plus a few uniquely interesting other cars (DS, Traction Avant, Renault Twingo).   Each of course was accompanied by their owners, who were either old or new friends.

Here are photos of the group, taken through the course of the day and evening:

Danielle had arranged an outing to visit an Alpaca farm and a local winery.  Here are photos from the farm:

(If you really like Alpacas, look at the bottom of the page for more photos of these charming beasts)

Any outing involving old cars will have its moments of drama, and this one was no exception.  At the farm, Bob McL discovered that his faithful 2CV “Gisèle” seemed to be suffering from indigestion.  The result was 600 cc of engine oil liberally sprayed around the engine bay.   Facing a 200 km return trip, Bob needed to figure out where the oil was escaping.  After a quick dash to Canadian Tire to stock up on spare oil, he returned to Michel’s house, and prepped for surgery.  Michel provided consultation and advice, while Bob stripped the front of the motor, and eventually the passenger-side fender.  Michel produced magic cleaning sprays, which he expertly directed towards the most likely suspects (front crank seal, oil cooler and lines, oil filter, pushrod tubes, breather).  Despite running the stripped engine, and many pairs of expert and less-expert eyes, not a drop could be seen leaking.  Bob and Michel discussed the situation, and eventually decided that if there was a leak, it must be a small one.  The decision was to reassemble everything, top up the motor, and plan to stop frequently on the return trip, to keep an eye on the oil level (Update – the return trip went without a hitch, and not a drop more oil was lost or consumed; quite a mystery).  Here are photos of the surgery:

Once everyone was cleaned up, we turned our attention to the the main event: Dinner!  This year’s event was catered, which meant that we lost the spectacle of 2CV owners-turned-BBQ-professionals.  Nonetheless, the meal was as spectacular as ever.  Tables magically appeared out of trunks, and soon there was excited and satisfied conversation going on everywhere.  Here are some photos of the ambiance:

After some truly fabulous desserts, Danielle and Michel awarded a wide variety of very generous door prizes.  All too soon, it was time for many of us to pack our cars and head home (leaving a few hardy campers behind).  You know we all have marked May 2016 on our calendars, for the next time we get to do this.

(and here are those cute alpaca pictures I promised)

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