Earlier this week, local member Cor B approached me to ask if I would help him replace the roof on his 2CV6. Cor did a lot of shopping for a new roof when we were at the 2CV World Meeting at Salbris in July. After talking to many people, and examining a wide range of available roofs, he settled on one from Matt’s Soft Tops in the UK. Matt’s roofs have an excellent reputation, largely through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Unfortunately, by Saturday at Salbris, Matt did not have any more of the specific colour that Cor (or Carla?) wanted. Never the less, an order was placed, and the shipment arrived in Ottawa a few weeks later. I was very interested to see the roof when Cor brought it over. I have seen other replacement roofs, and I know that they vary widely in quality, finish, and degree of completeness when shipped. For example, some require you to reuse some of your old attaching hardware, others are shipped without the rear window installed. In the case of the Matt’s Soft Top, I would have to say that it is the most complete I have ever seen. The only things you have to reuse are the three chrome trim pieces from the hinge for trunk lid. (By the way, before I go any farther, and confuse everyone, I am using North American terminology. Roof = hood (UK), trunk = boot (UK) wrench = spanner (UK); I think it was George Bernard Shaw who described the British and the Americans as “two people divided by a common language”) In examining the roof, I was impressed with the fabric (a kind of waterproof canvas, with a very soft feeling) as well as with the finished glue seams etc. Definitely a quality product. As a professional technical writer, I am fussy about instructions. Matt’s instruction sheet was clear and generally complete, and did not assume specialized knowledge. Well done! Installation of any 2CV roof is best accomplished with two people. Cor and I made a good team, and soon had the old top sitting on the bench. There was a bit of thinking involved, since Cor’s car used a couple of brackets that were not addressed in the instructions. Luckily we had my blue car as a reference also, so we were never left scratching our heads for too long. Next the gaping hole where we had removed the old roof and trunk lid was filled with a beautiful, tight new Dove Gray panel. We used Matt’s adjustment advice, and everything lined up nicely. A quick repair to the trunk latch and we were done.

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