The recent visit from Julie and JB got me thinking back.  Believe it or not, this was not the first time we had been visited by two people trying to reach Alaska by 2CV.

Almost exactly thirteen years ago, we received Rob Godfrey from England and Jose Ostveen from Holland.  They were in the early stages of their Alaska Challenge, travelling by 2CV.  As I recall, I had picked up on Rob’s plans through the english-language Yahoo Groups site called 2CV-L.

I probably had given Rob my contact info before he left England.  Many weeks later, I received a phone call from Rob one afternoon.  After I got over my surprise, I asked “So where are you?”.  “Well, we are just in downtown Ottawa.  We wondered if you were at home today”.  “Of Course!” I replied.  I could not have been more excited.  There was going to be a REAL 2Cv at my house!  This was before I owned a 2CV, and in fact before I even knew any other Citroën owners in Ottawa (this club had not yet formed).

In those pre-GPS days, it was wiser to arrange to meet at a public location, so we agreed on a local shopping mall.  I headed off, and after a short wait, here came not one but TWO 2CVs.  What a thrill.  After hasty greetings, I lead the small convoy on to our home in Stittsville.

We spent a pleasant afternoon drinking tea in the back yard.  Rob made good use of handy internet access (remember, this was 1999 – no smartphones, no WiFi, no Internet Cafés), but then they had to be on their way.  Before they took to the road, however, Rob asked if I would like to drive one of the cars around the block.  He did not have to ask twice!  Check the gallery for proof.

Rob and Jose’s adventures were chronicled in a blog that still exists, here.  In addition, Rob has written two e-books about the trip, and the rest of his time in Canada.  They are available on Amazon:

I’ve just had a brilliant idea – Rob Godfrey

Down and out in Duncan and Port Hardy – Rob Godfrey

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